I sometimes imagine that the act of painting encodes the painter’s mind in the process. This is me in the last few minutes. #ampainting

Now then. Where were we? (Music: Tangerine Dream. #ampainting

On a wall in Sebastopol.

Today’s haul from the flea market. I know what I’m doing the next couple hours.

The Now. Music: Miles Davis. #ampainting

This one is done, I think. The title is Boundary. #ampainting

Look what my honeybun found on the beach the other day. 😊

Music: Tangerine Dream, aka “that stuff we played in the 80’s as teens when we wanted to feel sophisticated. #ampainting

See this, Grendel? You did this to me. I hope you’re happy.

Hoo boy. Picked this up at Goodwill last week. Just looked at it again and noticed the author’s name. (Not the same one.)