Visiting Cotati’s famous chimera albino redwood. This tree is absolutely unique in all the world. And she’s beautiful.

Look what my honeybun made!

Made a whole lot of progress tonight. Yes, that white space will get filled in. #ampainting

More painting. Music is still Tangerine Dream. Methinks it’ll stay that way till it’s done. #ampainting

Ran into this mama deer while walking the Coco Bean.

Can’t paint any more tonight, no matter how much I might want to. But we’re definitely making progress. #ampainting

Same corner, next evening. #ampainting

The Now. Music: Tangerine Dream, Booster II. Which will probably be the name of this painting. #ampainting

Me and John Scalzi, a few minutes ago. Very fun event. Thanks! @scalzi

Seeing John Scalzi for at least the third time. No, I’m not a fan or anything.